Why use Asterisk Consulting?

Asterisk PBX ConsultancyAsterisk Consulting offers professional Asterisk PBX consultancy services to help with all aspects of an Asterisk PBX. We can assist with the design, project management, procurement and deployment of any architecture. We can also provide expertise with the more advanced Asterisk features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development, integration with existing systems and creation of converged solutions.

Setting up your business telephony system is easy when you have the right team to support you. Our VOIP consultants and engineers specialize in deploying cost effective VOIP solutions for mid-range enterprises and large organizations. Our team can offer expert advice on:

  • Asterisk IP PBX design, installation, setup, and maintenance
  • Custom CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) Application Development
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Other VoIP providers/PBX Brands
  • Legacy/Analogue Systems
  • Office software systems/applications
  • Call Centre Applications and Contact Center Solutions including contact centre diallers
  • Unified Communications platform for GSM, SMS, VoIP, Fax, Instant Messaging, Presence and videoconferencing

"The above-mentioned information is easily understood by a very technical person, but as a decision-maker within my organization, I need plausible factors which take into account both the operational and financial factors.”

  • Asterisk Consulting bases the Asterisk system that best fits your requirements, by considering the following 5 factors:
  • Flexibility: Does your solution require a high level of customisation or could you use an out-of-the-box solution?
  • Ease of use: You have the technical skills to manage a highly complex solution or would you be better off with a solution that is easier to manage?
  • Features: Do you just need a system with the basic features or does your project require a variety of Asterisk configurable features?
  • Cost: What is your budget for the project? Are you better off spending a lesser amount of money to save time and reduce complexity?
  • Time: Do you require your solution to be up and running today or is this a long term project?

Asterisk Consulting's VOIP Consultants will advise as to how all of the above factors can be balanced against each other, in order to obtain the optimal solution. For example, if your organization is extremely technical and your goal is to have a customised solution, then Flexibility and Features are going to be the most important factors and will outweigh Ease of Use. On the other hand, if you don’t have in-house technical resources and you simply need a business phone system, then your deciding factors will be based on Ease of Use and Time.

These are the known factors that Asterisk Consulting will highlight once you choose to implement an Asterisk telephony solution. The Asterisk phenomenon is becoming more widely spread throughout the corporate world, due to current limitations to infrastructural communications budgets. Asterisk Consulting will complement those margins by advising and guiding through the process of getting the most cost-effective solution, by analysing the various price versus performance options.